Are you at a career crossroads and looking for a new direction?

Are you dealing with redundancy, finishing full-time education, or changing location?

Are you looking for work that is more aligned to your skills, aspirations, life circumstances, and values?


  1. One hour career consultation £50
  2. Three session Career Consultation package (Total 3hrs) £135

The three session package includes:

  • Exploring your ideas, and auditing your skills, knowledge, experience and values;
  • Identifying and researching your possible career options;
  • Boosting your CV, enhancing your LinkedIn profile, and excellent interview techniques.

N.B All prices include comprehensive email follow up and further career resources

In a career consultation with me, I’ll help you to;

Take stock of your current situation and identify what you wish to change

Evaluate and appreciate your unique blend of skills, knowledge, experience; personal qualities, and values

Develop a motivational, realistic and well-informed career plan

Promote yourself with increased confidence to potential employers both verbally and in writing

Job Interview Preparation

Nervous about job interviews?

Keep getting interviews, but not getting the job?

Do you want to be better prepared for job interviews?

Career Consultations

At a career crossroads?

Dealing with redundancy?

Are you graduating or changing location, or do you want to align your skills, aspirations and values?

Career Circle Sessions

Ready to make a career change?

Have you recently been made redundant?

Are you seeking new opportunities?

Are you feeling isolated and keen to share ideas and support with other job seekers?

Training Courses

Half-day and Full-day courses available, using;

  • Action learning scenarios
  • Personal and group reflection
  • Myers-Briggs Type Indicators
  • Belbin team roles

Job Application checks

Unsure what to write?

Do you keep applying for jobs, but not getting interviews?

Is your CV out of date?

Do you need to promote yourself on Linked In but not sure how?

How it works...

Step 1: Make an enquiry

To book a session with Paul please complete the form here or send an email with details of the services you would like to book to info@paulgaunt.co.uk or call Paul on 07595537178

Step 2: Discovery session

You can arrange a free 20 minute Discovery session with Paul to talk through your ideas and queries and to decide what combination of services might be best for you

Step 3: Face-to-face or virtual sessions

Paul’s career consultations and training sessions are normally available in person or virtually. Due to the current pandemic, however, all services are offered online only (via Zoom, Microsoft Teams, or Skype)

Paul Quick Contact Us

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Discovery Session



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Whilst I managed Paul, I was always amazed at the level of empathy and passion he devoted to individual students who were seeking support in planning their careers. He is a truly warm person with a huge depth of knowledge who, most importantly, can help the most under-confident person to overcome the barriers they face to get the job they really want.

Ged Hall

Senior Professional Development Consultant, University of Leeds

As my university careers advisor Paul helped me choose a path that suited my skills, personality and values. His thoughtful, empathic, person-centred approach is underpinned by his love of helping people reach their potential. I am very grateful for the guidance he gave me early on in what is a very enjoyable career.

Elizabeth Turp

Published writer, trainer and counsellor in private practice

Paul is one of the most competent, professional and friendly Careers Advisers I know. He has excellent guidance and counselling skills plus the ability to manage projects directly.

Brian Staines

Expert on Technical Vocational Education Training (TVET) System-Industry Linkages and International Consultant on Careers education and Guidance

I found Paul in 2020 when I was considering my career options. He proved to be a great sounding board and source of ideas. He is highly experienced and offered me constructive and relevant advice which helped to quickly get me into a new position. I would recommend Paul to anyone who is in the job market.

Louis Mehr

Experienced Project Manager

Paul has collaborated with us on a range of projects to help improve our approach to staff recruitment, training and development. This has included advising on the creation of a professional adviser framework and delivery of cpd covering occupational choice and careers guidance theory in the modern Higher Education context. Paul is a highly knowledgeable expert who is able to bring about real world improvements through an ability to collaborate and communicate his problem solving approach.
Julian White

Head of Faculty Careers and Employability Support, Manchester Metropolitan University

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